QuickTransit is an unofficial app for the Deutsche Bahn which makes sure you get the information you need when you need it.

In an environment where every minute counts, QuickTransit offers an intuitive, easy to use and fast user interface and if you are daily commuter you can setup live tiles so that you can quickly determine the next connection you need to get.


I built QuickTransit mainly because the number of Apps for the Deutsche Bahn were limited in the App Stores outside of Germany and because I noticed that while most Bahn apps get their job done, they were missing some features needed for everyday usage.

One issue is that if you comute daily, you often have very similar travel profiles. I as a student for instance am limited to the RE trains and may not use IC or ICE trains. As such I made sure to include a default travel profile so that you no longer have to change your profile on each new application start. Another thing I added was the possibility to pin a certain route onto your start screen so that you don't even have to open the app to see when the next train is coming.